Trust Exchange – Researching Trust in Digital Networks

Trust Exchange is an initiative to research the preconditions, impact and current state of trust in digital networks focusing on local differences in Central and Eastern Europe.

We want to understand:

  • How important is trust?
    Does it affect what we care about, what we like, what we think about? Does it influence how we think about things, organisations, persons?
  • What is trust?
    What do we mean by the term? How can we create trust, how can we influence it? Is it a communication thing, is it a personal attribute? Is it something that has to be there at first glance or is it something that has to grow over a longer timeperiod and several encounters?
  • What are the attributes of trust?
    How do we recognize it, what makes us say “I trust you” or “You can trust me”? Whom do we trust?

We assume that all these questions are subject to local differences. We want to find out, in how far, and where.

I will give my points of view and I will collect further answers, further views in the next months.
Some basical framework is described here (german language).
I’m curious were this will take us…

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